A meeting of the minds.

As a client of JMR Capital, our first step together is developing an understanding of your concerns and goals. Together, we will develop a forward-looking approach to investing designed to meet your unique situation.

Why do people seek JMR’s advice?

– To plan for retirement
– To consolidate pension and 401k plans assets
– To reset poorly performing portfolios
– To respond to life’s investing milestones
– To address the benign neglect of their own wealth
– To understand the impact of political and economic events

By working with your other professionals such as CPAs and attorneys, together we’ll help you realize your ambitions. Your accountant and your legal counsel are two key components to managing your wealth, and we will work closely together to help you reach your financial goals.

As an independent advisor, we are dedicated to avoiding compensation-derived conflicts in interest. We have no incentive-based banking or investment relationships. Your wealth will not be subject to a narrow scope of investment options. The investment selection process is designed to be unbiased. Simply put, we seek to earn our money solely by preserving and growing yours.

You should expect responsive and individualized service when you need it. You will receive quarterly reports and we proactively reach out to you as events or circumstances demand. The quarterly reports will summarize your investment performance, relevant tax information, and the investment environment going forward. You can reach us by phone or by email, and we are ready to make your concern, ours.

Here’s what you can expect as a client of JMR Capital Management:
– Wealth planning advice
– Investment management
– Asset allocation guidance
– Risk control
– Performance and strategy summary reports and updates
– Upon request, annual investment presentation
– Written updates and analysis
– Communication
– Accessibility

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