We are on call to answer your questions, discuss your portfolio, or help you evaluate your investment strategy at any time.

Before you choose your next investment manager, we invite you to meet and talk with JMR’s president, Marc Roth. To get to know each other, to review your investment history, and to discuss your current objectives. This complementary session provides the opportunity to evaluate JMR Capital Management and make your choice based on skills, experience and compatibility.

Marc Roth, Ph.D, President, JMR Capital Management

44 Montgomery Street #3500
San Francisco, CA 94104

Primary: (510) 525-1125
Office: (415) 296-9065
Fax: (415) 399-9395

Email: mroth@jmrcap.com

For clients:
Schwab Alliance Hotline: 800-515-2157

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