“Independent thinking and understanding the importance of unbiased research is something that came out of my prior career in academia”

Your investments undergo rigorous research and market monitoring to identify, evaluate and address sources of risk that may affect your wealth, and sources of opportunity to grow your wealth. While technology facilitates the process, there is no app for this. Experience, perspective and insight come together when charting the course for an adaptive and successful investment plan.

Investment Selection

Our investment philosophy can be best described as “agnostic”. Portfolios managed by JMR Capital typically hold a core group of diversified assets consisting primarily of exchange traded securities and mutual funds. For our client portfolios, we are able to select from an unusually large universe of investment options, some of which are not generally available or are closed to individual investors. All mutual funds purchased are either no-load funds or funds that are available to us at no sales load to our clients.

Risk Management

Managing portfolio risk may take advantage of institutional-quality, exposure-management tools such as options and other hedging methods. At all times a sensible architecture with a definable outcome, understood and agreed upon in advance, is the overarching goal when such instruments are employed to help you meet your investment objectives.

Working with custodians

We can and will work with any custodian. Because the Institutional Service Group of Charles Schwab provides a unit dedicated to providing services to independent registered investment advisory firms, many of our clients use Charles Schwab as their investment custodian. Our clients hold assets in these investment accounts in their own name at Schwab, authorizing JMR Capital to execute investment transactions and withdraw investment management fees by signing a Limited Power of Attorney.

With nearly twenty years as an investment advisor, we have been through the ups and downs of market cycles, and are confident in our ability to maintain your income and preserve your wealth.

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